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”Repatriation is the unexpected encounter with the familiar”

What is repatriation coaching and consultation?

Repatriation coaching and consultation is a supporting service for the expatriate employee and his/her family about to complete the assignment abroad and return home. Global Mobility Consulting AB (hereafter GMC) has been providing repatriation coaching and consultation for employees of major Scandinavian corporations since the mid 1990s.

Why is it important?

The kind of coaching and consultation conducted by GMC aims at facilitating a speedy and smooth adjustment to the “home country” of the expatriate and her/his family, both in terms of the workplace and private life. Upon return most expatriates are confronted with the fact that in many ways they are strangers in their home country – they are at a loss how to cope with all the changes in society that occurred while there were abroad and how to re-establish previously very rewarding social relationships. These challenges can be dealt with and repatriation can be turned into a highly rewarding and meaningful experience!

How can GMC contribute to a smooth and effective repatriation?

The repatriation coaching and consultation offered by GMC consists of two main elements:

  • Needs assessment

    A couple of months prior to repatriation a needs assessment is conducted (usually over the phone) with the employee/spouse. Based on that needs assessment a repatriation consultation is scheduled within few weeks after the return.

  • Repatriation consultation

    This half-a-day consultation aims at summarizing the experiences of the assignment for the employee/spouse/children. Coping strategies are discussed and the participants are provided with some reading material on the experiences of others on repatriation. Should there be a need for more long term assistance, our intercultural coaches are available.