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What is “Managing the Expatriate Assignment in Sweden”?

“Managing the Expatriate Assignment in Sweden” is a needs-assessment based individual consultation (with an optional follow-up) for the executive and her/his spouse and teen-age children preferably immediately upon arrival. Global Mobility Consulting AB has more than 20 years of experience and has provided training for “inpatriate” executives of major Scandinavian corporations.

Why is it important?

Research in this field has demonstrated convincingly that those employees and their families who receive intercultural training are likely to cope with the cycle of cultural adjustment more effectively and adjust to their living/working environment more rapidly.

What does it contain?

The consultation is a half-a-day event consisting of the following modules:

  • an introduction to the cycle of cultural adjustment, including coping strategies when living and working in Sweden
  • a general survey of Sweden from a historical, social, political, religious and economic perspective, focusing on contemporary issues
  • a session focusing on everyday organizational behavior (e.g. management style, decision making, conflict resolution, information sharing, formal and informal meetings, delegation of responsibility and follow-up) in the Swedish context and finally
  • a session devoted to the informal rules guiding social interaction in private life in Sweden.

The time allotted to each module is entirely dependent on the needs of the family (or individual) concerned. These consultations take place at Frösundavik, Stockholm/Solna, and on request can be conducted in-house.

Follow-up coaching?

On a case-by-case basis a follow up coaching is offered, either continuously or 3-6 months after the commencement of the assignment.